Ideal Pupils



Do your teachers love you or do they hate you? Answer the questions and count your points.


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1) You wake up late and it's raining. You

(a) rush to get to school on time.(3p)

(b) get up slowly, arrive late and say sorry to the teacher.(2p)

(c) go to sleep again.(1p)


2) Your parents are going on holiday during school time and they want to take you with them. You say:

(a) "Fantastic! Two weeks and no school!" (1p)

(b) "Oh dear! I'll miss some of my school work. I hope it's not going to be a problem."(2p)

(c) "Sorry, I can't take time off school. You go without me. I'm going to stay with grandma for two weeks."(3p)


3) The classroom is a mess. It's not your fault but the teacher wants you to tidy the room. You

(a) say no.(1p)

(b) do it because the teacher has told you to do it.(2p)

(c) do it but hope that the teacher is not going to ask you to do this again.(3p)


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4) Your teacher is late for the lesson. You

(a) feel glad because you can have fun and waste time.(1p)

(b) you get your books out of your bags and start working.(3p)

(c) do nothing and sit quietly until the teacher arrives.(2p)


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5) Your teacher doesnīt arrive and no other teacher comes to the classroom. You

(a) go and tell the headmaster or another teacher.(3p)

(b) work or talk quietly and hope the other teachers do not hear the noise in your classroom.(2p)

(c) have fun and make noise.(1p)


6) You have a lot of homework but you want to go out with your friends. You

(a) try to finish all your homework in school before the end of the lesson.(2p)

(b) do the homework at home and then meet your friends.(3p)

(c) go out with your friends and then copy the work the next day from another pupil.(1p)


7) A student teacher comes to your class for teaching practice. You

(a) feel sorry for the student when your class makes a noise.(2p)

(b) are the same with the student as you are with your teacher.(3p)

(c) try to annoy the student - itīs good fun.(1p)


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8) Your teacher is angry. You

(a) think itīs funny.(1p)

(b) try to make the teacher more angry.(1p)

(c) feel sad because the whole class is wasting a lot of time.(3p)


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9) You try to do your best work

(a) most of the time (3p)

(b) sometimes (2p)

(c) occasionally (1p)


10) When you donīt agree with a school rule you

(a) ignore it and break the rule often. (1p)

(b) keep the rule but protest about it.(2p)

(c) discuss the rule with your teachers.(3p)




10-12 points: What a disaster! You are a nightmare for your teachers. You hate exams and are going to be very happy to leave school.
13-17 points: It's difficult for you to think seriously about school... why don't you try now and then?
18-20 points: You don't get into trouble often, but do you sometimes hide behind your friends when the teacher gets angry?
21-25 points: Teachers like you because you are an easy pupil to teach. You have an easy life in school.
26-30 points: You are a saint! (But are you telling the truth? ;-)) )