Lifelong learning is getting more and more important. For today´s pupils and tomorrow´s adults it is not only going to be essential to speak a foreign language. It will also be crucial to have developed strategies to pick up a new language in a self directed learning process. On this page you can find some ideas for self directed vocabulary learning. Check them out. Maybe you find a suitable strategy and learning will be easier and more fun for you.

Dealing with difficult vocabulary - Some ideas

WB01339_.gif (896 Byte) Write them down in a special way, e. g. very big, very small, with eyes closed, upside down...
WB01339_.gif (896 Byte) Make small drawing to the words.
WB01339_.gif (896 Byte) Read a word, close your eyes and try to imagine how the word is written.
WB01339_.gif (896 Byte) Think about sentences the words could be used in.
WB01339_.gif (896 Byte) Speak the words in a special way, e. g. very loud, frightening, whispering, in a funny way,...
WB01339_.gif (896 Byte) Speak the words and their meanings on tape. Leave a long gap between word and meaning. Use the tape to test yourself.
WB01339_.gif (896 Byte) Invent games on the basis of  Memory, Dominoes, "Montagsmaler", "Dingsda" ... and play them with family members and classmates.
WB01339_.gif (896 Byte) Ask a friend to write down the German word on your back. You have to say the English word or vice versa.
WB01339_.gif (896 Byte) Go through difficult vocabulary shortly before you go to bed.