Theodor-Heuss-Gymnasium Mühlacker
Theateraufführung: LORD OF THE FLIES


The nobel prize winning author's most popular work demolishes the idea of childhood innocence and paints a frightening and gripping picture of human nature. A group of schoolboys crash land on a desert island, only to turn paradise into living Hell as they struggle to survive at each others expense. The essential theme of LORD OF THE FLIES is intolerance towards the outsider and the scapegoat, a theme tragically relevant today. Both the novel and our production of this powerful work explore these dark themes with the dynamism and pace of a thriller.

Developing the style used in the company's highly successful OLIVER TWIST, the boys on the island will be played by women, allowing us to present powerful acting, music and a physical style using experienced performers. LORD OF THE FLIES is not only one of the key works of twentieth century literature it is also one of the few modern myths, the tragic fate of the boy "PIGGY" as he struggles for dignity amid violent humiliation has made an enormous cultural impact.

Director-Paul Stebbings

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